Income Generating Projects

Apart from depending funds from donors and well-wishers, Habari Foundation Children’s is striving to create other means of generating extra income for the children by investing in small income generating projects and programs. We do this by involving homeless children themselves, local and international Volunteers!

Our Project

 Coffee Project

In Tanzania, Arabica coffee mostly grows in the northern part of the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Meru, under the shade of banana plants. This exotic characteristic of the plantation gives particular aromatic hints to the coffee grown in this region.

The coffee project in Machame village was established in 2020 with cultivation of 25 pits. The project aims to support the Primary schools and families in the village by providing employment opportunities and a source of income through the production and sale of the products.

Establishment of the project:

The project is managed by a local community-based organization in collaboration with Habari Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports education and community development in Tanzania. The project received technical support from experts in agriculture and coffee production to ensure the success of the pilot phase.

Green house & Trees planting Project

As a strong advocate for Sustainable Tourism Development at Habari Foundation, we offer our clients the opportunity to make a difference to the communities they visit by getting actively involved in our Sustainability Campaign. Planting trees connects the Tourists with the land showing them that they did not only enjoy their adventure but also made a positive long lasting difference to the host community and the world at large.

We also do vertical gardening around the compound for children nutrition and excess we sell to our nearby. We deal with the following vegetables; tomato, green paper, eggplant & spinach


View All Children Waiting For a Sponsor

As you exchange letters, send photos and offer encouragement , your love will bring hope to a child that will last a lifetime. Are you interested in sponsoring a child? Good! Because child sponsorship is one of the most effective methods for helping children escape poverty. It changes lives for the better, and it changes lives for good.

According to a poll of top development economists, child sponsorship is the most effective long-term development intervention for helping the poor. It not only addresses immediate physical needs, it also helps builds self-esteem and self-respect.

But not all child sponsorship organizations and child sponsorship programs are the same, which is why we’ve written these instructions on how to sponsor a child.

How Child Sponsorship Helps

Have you ever wondered how child sponsorship helps? Does it really work? We want to answer those questions for you. Read about how child sponsorship helps a child in poverty and get specifics about the difference you can make for your sponsored child.

You can have confidence in Habari Foundation as you read about how child sponsorship helps children. Numerous financial accountability groups and accrediting agencies have recognized Habari Foundation for superior financial integrity.

It is important to us that you understand Habari’s program and how child sponsorship helps fight global poverty. We know that when you see the difference is making, you’ll be excited to join us in bringing hope to children in poverty!


Determine what is Important to You

The first step in how to sponsor a child is to decide what is important to you and what you value, because there are many child sponsorship organizations helping fight child poverty, and each organization has areas it focuses on and excels in.


Research Your Options/Organizations

Once you’ve determined what’s important to you, it’s time to find the organization that best matches your values and priorities.


Sponsor a Child through the Website

Once you determine which charity you want to sponsor a child with, look on the charity’s website to find the navigation link or tab that says “Sponsor a Child.” It usually will be quite prominent.

Clicking on the link will take you to a page where you can view the children waiting to be sponsored.


Write Letters. Regularly.

The last step of how to sponsor a child goes beyond the basic question of simply how to select a child to sponsor. This step extends the answer to address another aspect of the question — what is involved with sponsoring a child.

The answer is simple. Participate. Engaged and active sponsors help children flourish. And letter writing is the primary activity sponsors use to engage with their sponsored children.

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