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Sponsoring a child is a powerful, life-changing choice — and one to consider carefully. Take the time you need to do your research and determine if it’s right for you. To make the decision-making process easier, we’ve compiled this list of our most frequently asked questions. Please let us know if you have a question that’s not included on this page, and we’d be happy to answer it!

About Child Sponsorship

How many children Habari sponsor?

More than 22 children are sponsored in Habari Foundation’s Child Sponsorship Program

If I must discontinue child sponsorship, what happens to the child I’m helping?

We recognize that financial and other circumstances can change. If you need to cancel your sponsorship, your child will continue to receive care until we find a new sponsor. You can discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

What does sponsoring a child mean?

Sponsoring a child is when someone makes a commitment to helping a child in poverty. The sponsor provides financial and emotional support to the child to encourage healthy, holistic development.

What does sponsoring a child do?

When you sponsor a child with Habari Foundation, you help equip a child in extreme poverty with the skills and opportunities they need to succeed ¬— all through a local church that knows and cares for them personally. A few benefits include medical checkups, malnutrition monitoring, and vocation training and education assistance.

What is a “Habari Child?”

A “Habari Foundation Child” is a boy or girl living in disadvantage family who is enrolled in Habari International’s Child Development Program. This child is 3 to 18 years old and is being offered unique care and opportunities through empowering them to become mature adults with the best educational success.

How long should my child sponsorship last?

Our Child Sponsorship Program allows you to stay with your child until they reach the age of 18.

We hope you’ll be able to support your sponsored child until he or she completes the program, but we recognize that circumstances sometimes change. You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

Please understand that a child’s circumstances may change, too. For example, sometimes families move beyond the reach of our program.

We’ll inform you if any such circumstance affects the child you sponsor, and we’ll offer you the opportunity to support another child in need of your help

How much does it cost to sponsor a child?

For public school; uniforms and school fees costs 90$ and private school fees and uniforms costs 750$.

How much does it cost to sponsor a temporary teachers?

We also support temporary teachers in public school and for 4 months it costs 400$. One full-time teachers for one year 1200$

May I send gifts to my child?

Yes. We encourage you to give additional monetary gifts for special occasions or simply as an act of love. These gifts are another effective way for you to reinforce your care and commitment to your sponsored child. When you give, staff and volunteers who personally know your child will use your gifted funds to buy something your child needs or wants.

You can also send monetary gifts to your sponsored child’s family. Similarly, with your gifted funds, staff and volunteers who know the family will buy items they need, such as new beds, livestock or food supplies. Learn more about gift-giving.

Does each child have only one sponsor?

Yes. Each child has only one sponsor, which is why the sponsor’s letters and support mean so much to a child. Our program’s one-to-one match allows sponsors the unique opportunity to instill in children the message that they matter, that they are valuable and that even someone across the world cares about them and their future. The encouragement sponsors offer children in our program is instrumental in their growth and development.

What do I do if I am considering canceling my child sponsorship?

To cancel your child sponsorship, please call us at (+255) 762 992 308. You may discontinue your sponsorship at any time.

What specific benefits will the child I sponsor receive?

The child you sponsor will receive opportunities and services that most of the world’s poorest children never see. Each child has the opportunity to:

Receive an education:

In some cases, this means covering the cost of school fees, clothing and supplies. In other cases, it means providing tutoring, help with homework, encouragement and, if necessary, participation in a literacy program outside the classroom.

Be healthy:

Your sponsored child’s health will be monitored, and care will be provided as needed. Children are taught about hygiene and how to maintain personal health.

Develop self-confidence and social skills:

The child you sponsor will be part of guidance, personal attention, guided recreation and safety.

What other opportunities will I have to learn about the child I’m helping?

In addition to letters from your sponsored child, we’ll send you periodic updates about your child’s progress along with updates about their country and our program there. Through these materials, you’ll have a better understanding of your sponsored child’s culture and life. You can also visit them.

How can I communicate with the child I sponsor?

As a sponsor, you can write to your child, either through physical letters or online through our website or app. Once you become a sponsor, we’ll provide you with guidance and practical tips about writing to the child you’re helping.

After you send a letter, our field staff will translate and deliver it to your sponsored child. You may write to the child you sponsor as often as you like

Will my child write to me?

Your child will write to you at least twice a year — and up to six times per year depending on the frequency of your letters. A tutor or staff person will help children who don’t yet read and write.

You’ll also receive an annual letter from a local leader, such as a pastor or staff member, to help you learn even more about your sponsored child’s region.

Can I visit my sponsored child in person?

Yes! We encourage you to join a Habari Foundation sponsor trip and meet your sponsored child in person. It will be an unforgettable experience for both of you! Check out our schedule of upcoming tours.

Do I have to write to my sponsored child?

While we encourage each of our sponsors to write to their sponsored child, you are not required to send letters. Even if you don’t write your sponsored child, your child will write you at least twice per year.

We understand letter writing can be a time-consuming process and strives to make your writing experience as easy as possible. We offer both printed and online letter templates for your convenience.

Does sponsoring a child really work?

Yes, sponsoring a child really does help release children from poverty and get better education

Can I sponsor a child ouside Tanzania?

Habari Foundation does not offer child sponsorship out of Tanzania. Although we understand and believe there is need in other countries, our holistic child development program has been proven to work best in Tanzania with the greatest need, where we can serve this local community first.

How old do you have to be to sponsor a child?

There is no age limit to sponsor a child.

Is sponsoring a child like adopting a child?

The short answer is – Absolutely not! Sponsors have no legal rights over the child whatsoever and cannot interfere at all with the child’s upbringing and education, nor take the child out of their country. In the eyes of the child, you sponsored (as in the eyes of Habari Foundation), you will still play an important part in their life. As well as helping them, your participation through letters and cards can inspire and encourage them. It’s amazing how messages of hope can boost children’s self-esteem and motivate them to realize their potential.

Who should I contact to become a sponsor?

Please contact the Director – Stan Wilfred – directly on;

Email: habarifoundation@gmail.com

Phone: (+255) 754 044 692 with any questions or if you wish to discuss. Alternatively feel free to complete the ‘Sponsorship contract’ available under the ‘donations’ page of this website.

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