Our Program


This program intends to provide education (development) services to Children who have no access to education services. The targeted types of children are those from poor family, orphans and street children, at the residential care center…


This program is designed to raise awareness within orphans, their families and communities on the issue of HIV/AIDS and Malaria. It uses the Outreach approach in delivering the information about the problems of Malaria and HIV/AIDS.

Why Habari Foundation

• The aim of this project is to support vulnerable children in Tanzania. We intend to support them in education, health and to other basic needs as a result we can eradicate poverty and ignorance to the Community. This will be achieved through street work (identification of vulnerable families and street children on the streets, interviewing them, trust building with them, informing them about reintegration services that are provided by Habari Foundation, encouraging new comers on the streets to utilize reintegration services as soon as possible and working with people close to our environment in order to encourage children to utilize reintegration services).

• This program aims to get a clear picture of the needs of orphans and children from poor families and the extent and cause of problems they face while they are in school. Since circumstances change over time, this will be an on-going effort. The outcome of this program is to keep different actors informed on the real-life situation of children living in vulnerability in Tanzania.

• The project will work together with children’s parents, relatives, donors, community leaders and religious leaders in order to address the reasons that cause them lacking the basic needs. The project will also take into consideration children’s rights to protection and development throughout reintegration processes and even when after they will have been reintegrated for the period of one year by making follow ups.

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